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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

To answer some of your frequently asked questions

We have written some below, and as we get more, we will add them to the list. Eventually I am sure this will become a guide on its own of do’s and don’t, but for now, we will just let it grow holistically.

Frequently asked questions of SEO PRO

1. Does good content equal high rankings on Google?

Yes and no. High ranking in Google is down to quality and quantity; it’s essential that you have high-quality content that provides value to your readers. However, this doesn’t mean that your success is guaranteed. Other websites with identical content can outrank you for many reasons. Everyone wants to rank high in Google, but it will be the one with the best holistic content that will win the day.

The recipe for SEO success is high-quality content and backlinks from authoritative domains. One without the other will not work.

2. What is a Backlink and is good or bad for SEO?

A backlink is where another website links ‘back’ to your site. The quality of a backlink, determined by analysing how reputable a website linking to you is. This analysing algorithm is something Google will never tell a living soul as to what makes it up, and it changes multiple times a year. What matters is that the content of the website is relevant to you. Your Facebook page is a well-respected backlink. Talk to us about getting the best backlinks set up properly and affordable.

3. What’s the best articles length for SEO?

Studies have shown that a minimum 500 words on a page are what we should be aiming. However, websites with long content which is written engagingly rank higher in Google. Articles with more than 2000 words per page will have the chance to rate highest. Some specialist industry sites may only need a few words to get results, but that is always the same when you have no competition.

4. How often should I publish content on my website?

One of the most frequently asked questions is about how often to publish, it’s like asking how long a piece of string is? (Twice the length from the middle to the end) It depends on what niche your website is. The more you tell people about what you do, the higher the chance of return. Do consider that the more content you have, the higher the chance you will rank for new keywords and traffic. Start by putting together a monthly update, then move that to weekly if you can, as you grow you may start daily updates, or even more if you have lots of people able to chip in. Before you go writing 50 pieces on the same item with the same title, STOP, don’t cover the same topic too many times, or Google Panda might downgrade your site. (Panda is one of Google’s tools to work out site ranking)

Most websites publish at least one article per week.

5. Is website loading speed an critical factor?

If you asked that question a few years ago, the answer would have been no, as everybody used computers and waiting for pages to load was typical. These days if a page has not loaded in three seconds, there is a one in three chance your prospective customer will get bored waiting and click back to look for someone else. Speed is everything, if we can spend a day taking half a second off of your loading times, the repayment will be there for years to come. We have not touched on what Google’s thoughts are on slow pages, that’s because we put customers first.

6. Is SEO changing?

Yes, Every day Google is coming up with new ways to stop people cheating the system. Google is releasing smarter algorithms that reward websites that provide the best user experience. There is more to the holistic value of a site than just the content, so as much as excellent wordsmithing is essential, the overall feel of a website must be taken into account.


Content is King, therefore make sure you regularly add fresh content to your site.

Adwords can be used to ensure you are found at the top of a search, however holistic SEO is always best.

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